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While written back in 2012, it still applies today because of the continued low interest rates and the increase in prices compliments of anticipated inflation by most economists that will also raise mortgage rates.

Strategies for getting, statistically, the highest sale price and most proceeds to you at closing.

The economy - why our present policies of printing (mouse clicking) money is going to not work out well.

A very interesting chart by noted economist Rober Shiller (often quoted in the Case-Shiller Report) showing a "Standard" home, adjusted for inflation, over time starting with an index of 100 in the year 1890.

Why a Reverse Mortgage could be a great move for you in these uncertain economic times.

Interest Rates Chart - from the year 1790 to 2013. Note the effects of world events on the rate. It's pretty clear that the graph shows definitively that rates have to go back up.

I have been involved, both as an investor and assisting investors, in the foreclosure process. This article gives a general view of the process and what to expect.

As part of the foreclosure process above, we frequently went to the courthouse steps to purchase properties. While this took place at the courthouse in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 2003, the process is still the same today.

When we started getting excessive foreclosures back in 2005, I started charting to assist us in our acquisition of additional properties for my investors.

A half-hour video by noted Atlanta surveyor Jeff McClung, Owner of McClung Surveying speaking to a group of luxury agents of all brokerages that work the luxury home market in the general north Fulton and surrounding areas. He has examples of what McClung Surveyig has uncovered in surveys that they have performed. If you are buying a home or even vacant property - Get a survey. Don't say I didn't tell you!