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The plan embodied by the FairTax would go a long way toward helping our economy. Just click on the FairTax logo on the left to go to their website. It’s not a “pie in the sky” proposal. It is getting traction in congress because the voters are starting to ask the position of their Representative or Senator before they vote. The only thing these folks fear more than the FairTax is losing their next election.

This is not a partisan viewpoint here but rather a request for you to evaluate Washington. Are the current Senators and Representatives doing the job we think they should be doing? Personally, I REALLY don’t think so and on my calendar election day, November 6, 2018, is marked with “Take Out The Trash Day”. Evaluate your Senators and Representative and put some thought into your vote. Most importantly, VOTE. We will wake up on November 7th  and see what direction this country is heading for our grandchildren.

In 2018 we elect many Senators and Representatives. I think we are on the wrong track and next November may well be our last chance to make a correction. Please get yourself informed and vote in 2018!!!

Clark Howard gives Amica and USAA top ratings for insurance but didn’t like USAA as much because you had to be active or retired military to have it. A few years ago USAA opened membership up to anyone who has been in the military and honorably discharged (and their family). As a Navy vet I now qualify and since I’m now a member, so do my children. So... I got a quote - they blew the socks off of my, then, present carrier. Just got my new policy today (1-25-10). I understand they have great mortgage rates as well. Check it out by clicking the logo to the left (no, I don’t get a dime.) Also, they have a cool app for the iPhone - just take a photo of a check and it is deposited in your checking account.

Autism affects 1 in 68 children born today - and we don’t know why.

Diane and I have a granddaughter with Autism. If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of Autistic kids and their families, go here to make a tax deductible donation.

A couple years ago (Feb 2013) I wanted to start doing more videos for my listings so...

I had to learn and I needed a project. My subject was our recent “Puppy School” for our new dog, a Shepard / Poodle. He is about 3 months old in the video and we have no idea how big he is going to get but we assume big. He was one of eleven pups - all looked exactly the same. Shepard (Mom) was 90 pounds and the Dad was a standard (and very quick) 50 pound Poodle. So... we are going to wind up with about an 80 pound watchdog about that doesn’t shed - we think.

Enjoy this review of school for Brady and his pals...

Update (Nov 2014) - Brady is 2 years old and is about 82 pounds of pure watchdog!

Update (June 2015) - Brady is 2 1/2 years old and is about 87 pounds. He and I were in the back yard and he was racing around enjoying life while I was looking at the garden. He misjudged his turning radius capability and clipped me from behind and broke my leg. Yep, broke my fibula right in half, tore my ACL and sprained my ankle. I am hoping it hurt him enough not to do that again.

But!!! My video skills are getting passable. I purchased a quadcopter (AKA a drone) to allow me to do aerial photography of my larger homes that give a much desired perspective. I have graduated to Final Cut Pro as my video editing softward for my post production work. A look at any of my Listings will feature an aerial video or two. They are getting better every time I do them however, Spielberg is not too worried about me.

Low military pay was not mentioned in the state of the union speech.  Just increasing the minimum wage was... For those fast food employees striking for $15 an hour let's do some math.  At $15 an hour, Johnny fry-boy would make $31,200 annually.  An E1 (private) in the military makes $18,561.  An E5 (Sergeant) with 8 years of service only makes $35,420 annually.  So you're telling me, Mary McBurger flipper, that you deserve as much as those kids getting shot at, deploying for months in hostile environments, and putting their collective asses on the line every day protecting you!

Here's the deal, Baconator, you are working in a job designed for a kid in high school who is learning how to work and earning enough for gas, and hanging out with their equally goofy high school pals.  If you have chosen this as your life long profession, you have failed.  If you want above minimum wage, have above minimum skills!!

This is an excerpt from the MOAA (Military Officers Association of America) February 2016 newsletter.  I felt it was something that would be of interest to some.  So many people don't appreciate what our armed forces are doing for them, and without a lot of compensation. They need our prayers and support.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If it's in English, thank a veteran.


Back in 2015, my wife, Diane, and I were charter members of Roswell Fire Department's new CERT program. CERT members are trained to be additional hands, as needed, to Roswell's Fire Department during times of an event where the professional responders may not be immediately available everywhere in Roswell. We are trained in first aid, CPR, medical operations, search and rescue and other disaster medical operations. It is anticipated that there will be a CERT force of 160 members when the program is fully implimented.

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