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In 1999, I had a computer business and stayed up with the technology of the time. This one was absolutely ground breaking at that time of technology and landed the author a job at Pixar …. I know I emailed (no YouTube at that point) this 45 second movie to everyone I knew. Has to be one of my all time favorites!

Be sure to closely watch the expressions - this artist nailed them!

Making Alien Song - blog by Victor Navone the animator .

For those who appreciate musical talent and the guitar. When his version of Pachelbel Canon was first put on YouTube in 2005, the young performer was sitting in his bedroom and was unknown. He never raised his head to see his face and was not identified for years. This video is now on his channel and has had 92 MILLION hits.

Mark Young has been my Closing Attorney for about a decade. Little did I know what he was doing at night. This is the story and what we did when we found out about his evening activities. Mark is retired now but still a good friend.